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ASI - audio source identification

identification of audio source


Basically A.S.I. provides the identification of the audio source (mono/stereo) and a control of the circuit quality which you are connected to.
This equipment has been designed and produced in co-operation with Radiotelevisione Italiana, to replace the old cartridge players.
Thus A.S.I. is the essential equipment for those who have to control and/or switch audio signals.
A.S.I. is a stand alone that can be accommodated in the ELMAN’s 1 RU multifuction-system subrack which can be inserted up to three standalone modules simultaneously.

A.S.I. can be independently utilized also being the apparatus provided with its own power supply and with all the necessary connectors on a rear panel.

Its innovative functions are made possible by a solid state recorder which enables the recording of an identification message up to 1 minute long.

The available functions, indicated in a led display with 8 alphanumeric characters and selectable by using the menu, are:


IDENT+ST: It provides an output signal including the spoken identification alternate with a stereo identification signal (see Id STEREO).

IDENT+MO: It provides an output signal including the spoken identification alternate with one level sound reference.

FREQ: generates a sinusoidal output signal with a frequency which can be chosen between 10Hz and 30Khz, with minimum steps of 10 Hz.

SWEEP: generates a constant level (+/- 1dBu) sinusoidal signal which varies the frequency every 2 seconds, the signal is at -18 dBu compared to 100%.
The provided frequencies are:  40-50-125-250-500-1K-2K-4K-6K-8K-10K-12K-14K-15K-16KHz.

ID STEREO: The right channel outputs a continuous note at 1KHz, while the left channel outputs a note at 1 KHz which is interrupted for 250 ms every 3 seconds.

LEVEL: by using the controls UP and DOWN, it’s possible to select the output level among: +12, +6.0, 0.0, -6.0, -12 dBu.

REC MIC: used to record up to 1 minute long the signal of the microphone. The recording starts by pushing the rec. button and goes on as long as the button is kept pressed.
A countdown is displayed during the recording.

REC LINE: used to record the signal of the right channel input.



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.