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elman audio equipment


moreAES/EBUx4 - digital audio splitter x 4

moreAITSV - Audio format converter from balanced to unbalanced

moreBox Audio PC - 2x1 Audio Switcher for PC professional audio card with XLR connectors

moreCOAUDIO 10x1 - Change Over Audio Stereo 10x1

moreDA8AES - 8 inputs AES/EBU audio D/A Converter

moreDDV - Digital Dolby VCA - Extract from SDI video (SD-HD-2K) audio Dolby 5 +1 NEW

moreEL3600 - 1RU Stereo monitor meter

moreEL3600/W and EL3600/WM - Stereo Monitor 1RU with woofer

morePPM/DPPM - Stereo Program Level & Phase Meter (single/double)

moreSAS21 - 2X1 Stereo Audio Switcher with 3 outputs distributor and level / phase meter
moreSAS61 - Stereo Audio Switcher 6x1

beltpackUAR - Unit for remote listening

moreVCAx2 / VCAx6 - Level Controller for 2 or 6 lines (Voltage Controlled Amplifier)


Stand Alone Modules (1/3 of 19"/1RU) functioning autonomously or fitted into RMA 1 R.U. Subrack for multifunction system.


moreAD4/ST 1x4 Stereo Audio Distributor

moreASI - Audio source identification

moreAVA-C/O - Audio/Video automatic change over (EL2900)

moreRMA - 1 R.U Subrack for Multifunction System


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.