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elman video equipment


4COMP2SDI - Quad Format Video Converter from Analog Composite to SDI  

8x1 RS422 Switcher

8 x quad SDI changeover digitale

8RUXPWR5 - Multiple 14V 0.75A power supply with PWR5-14V1A modules

8SDI/A - 8x SDI to Analog Multistandard Video Converter

AVM168 - 16x8 PAL/NTSC Video Router

Beta/93 - Videorecorders change over

CAV2SDI - Format Video Converter - from Components Analog Video to SDI

CO5SDI - 5 x SDI Change Over

C/O SDI 32 Latched - 32 x Change Over SDI

COSDIA - Change Over Audio/Video 2SDI+1Analog inputs for 1 SDI output  

C/O SDI-KEY-DA - Double Change Over SDI 2x2, + SDI to CVBS (Analog Composite Video) Converter

Dual C/O VIDEO SDI - Double change over video SDI

ED09 – High Brightness Display for outside

ED10 – Indoor display with high brightness LED backlight

GIM x 6 - Inputs monitors Identificator

GPI PRC - Programmable Remote Control

GPI PRC 2 - GPI remote control programmable with WEB page

GPI Repeater - 32 modules 1x3 (General Purpose Interface)

NTPLTC - LTC Timecode Generator from time NTP

RCU-PTZ - Remote control for PTZ Videocameras (Pan, Tilt, Zoom)

RCU-PTZ2 - Remote control for PTZ Videocameras with telephone interface

RCVC - Radio controlled video clock

Remote PTZx4 - remote control unit for PTZ Canon VC or Sony VISCA videocameras

SE-800 - 4 channels Audio + Digital Video Mixer DATAVIDEO

Suitecase for TV commentator location

Tally Matrix 12x12

TVI - Timer Video Inserter HD/SD

UPDOWN converter x9 UP: SD SDI >HD SDI - DOWN: HD SDI > SD SDI + CVBS (Pal/Ntsc)

VD1x8SDI - Digital video distribution amplifier 1x8

VIT261 - Video isolation transformer and hum eliminator

VLK4/FTB - Quad linear key inserter with fade to black


Stand Alone Modules (1/3 of 19"/1RU) functioning autonomously or fitted into RMA 1 R.U. Subrack for multifunction system.


AVA-C/O - Audio/Video automatic change over (EL2900)

BBSD - Video Black Burst Separator and Distributor x 4

CO/VSDA - Digital Serial Audio/Video automatic change over

Dual VED - Dual CVBS video distribution amplifier 1x4 and 1x2

DVB-T HD - Professional TV HD Tuner for digital terrestrial channels

DVDA14 - Digital Video Distibution Amplifier 1x4

EL1800 Plus - Video Distributor 1x6 (clamped, differential, 3 band equalized)

GVI SDI - Identification Generator for Digital Video 

GVI1224 - Character and Color Bars Generator (PAL or NTSC)

RMA - 1 R.U. Subrack for  Multifunction System

TUTV - Professional TV Tuner

VLK1/FTB - Linear Keyer & Program Fade

VS61/VS62 - Video Switchers 6x1 and 6x2



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.