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GPI PRC 2 - GPI remote control programmable with WEB page
(general purpose interface)


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The GPI (General Purpose Interface) is an input or output interface that allows to detect the closing of an input contact and to create an output contact closure, these contacts are opto isolated at the input and isolated at the output via a relay. it is generated by some consumer or professional equipment and is transmitted to compatible equipment.

The GPI PRC 2 (Programmable GPI Remote Control) is a remote control realized in a 1 RU high rack metal case that can be used to drive both GPI and electronic devices of any kind.

The apparatus is equipped with 8 PRESET keys, an ENABLE command and 8 LEDs that confirm the take on the GPI input. The GPI PRC 2 has 3 outputs: MAIN, REMOTE and BACKUP on female D25 connectors.

On each output connector are reported the 8 contacts in opening and closing of the relays related to that circuit (MAIN, REMOTE or BACKUP) for a total of 24 contacts in opening / closing.

The GPI PRC 2 also has an input connector (D25 male) through which it is possible to access 8 opto-isolated inputs to be able to connect in series other apparatuses of the same type. Each output is completely configurable via software, and can be defined for each key It is possible to decide via software the output or the GPI outputs to be closed or if there is an input connector with external closures which button should be lit or which GPI should be closed.

The entire GPI PRC 2 configuration program can be loaded from a computer via the LAN socket on the rear panel and can be edited via a html page on a browser by setting the default address of

The default address can be changed via the html page menu. The software can be updated by loading a bin file via the UPDATE FIRMWARE menu.


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The GPI PRC can be used in all those systems in which a remote control is necessary that must be adapted to the modalities of the product to be interfaced, for example to control a video switcher, a broadcasting system, an audio switcher etc ... The power supply is contained.


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In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.