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8RUXPWR5 - Multiple 14V 0.75A power supply
with PWR5-14V1A modules

8RUXPWR5 - front view (click on photo to enlarge)


8RUXPWR5 is a modular multiple power supplier for 19” rack mounting and is realized in a 2 unit high aluminium container
8RUXPWR5 has 3 power supply groups with 6 outputs for an amount of 14 V 18 outputs that supply a 0.75 A. maximum current.
Every power supply group is made of 2 pull-out modules (PWR5-14V1A model) that work in parallel to assure the working of apparatuses powered also in case one of two modules is damaged.
The modules inserted in the apparatus are 7: 3 couples + a module in reserve.
8RUXPWR5 is normally used to power the OCP400 master control panel for LDK and Infinity cameras, but it can be also used in many other applications.
On frontal panel of every drawer, besides the start switch, there are 6 leds that indicate the presence of voltage on the 6 outputs.
On back panel there are 6 IEC socket for the connection of every module to electricity network, 18 clamps for 14 V outputs  and 3 STATUS clamps that send a remote alarm (ON/OFF) in case one of 3 power supply groups is damaged (the switching off of one of leds placed on frontal panels of modules allows to identify quickly the output that doesn’t work).



8RUXPWR5 - rear view
(click on photo to enlarge)


8RUXPWR5 - front view of PWR5-14V1A module


8RUXPWR5 - rear view of PWR5-14V1A module


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.