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SAS21 - 2x1 stereo audio switcher
with 3 outputs distributor and level / phase meter


2x1 stereo audio switcher


SAS21 is a double 2x1 stereo audio switcher realized in a metallic container tall 1RU rack 19". 
SAS21 is constituted by two separate commutation sections, the first one works with balanced signals, the second with unbalanced signals, the command is common to both the sections. Pressing the A input button, is selected the A input of both sections, balanced and unbalanced, the same thing happens for the B input.   
The section balanced of the SAS21 is also endowed of a LED stereo meter for level and phase and of a inside 1x3 audio distributor that proposes the outputting signal from the switcher, on 3 different outputs with 3 contacts XLR connectors male. 
Of these 3 outputs, two are regulated to 0 dBm (unitary gain; the level of the output signal is the same of that in input), while the level of the third is amplified of 12 dB and adjustable through the volume control that is found on the frontal panel; in the same panel they are available the 2 buttons for the selection of the input channel: A or B. 
The two balanced inputs are provided of connectors XLR female and each it has a selector of the entry level: for microphone or line. 
The two unbalanced inputs and the relative outputs are provided of RCA and 3 mm jack connectors and they can indifferently be used by signals with micro o line level. 
In the balanced section, the two inputs are isolated and balanced through transformers while the outputs are balanced through differential amplifiers.  
A 220 Volts power supply is embedded. 
The dimensions are: 40 (h) x 435 (l) x 280 (d) mm.


2x1 stereo audio switcher

2x1 stereo audio switcher

2x1 stereo audio switcher

2x1 stereo audio switcher


In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.