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LCD84 - 6 inputs 8.4" monitor display
full color LCD TFT - PAL/NTSC/PC

lcd84 - 6 inputs 8.4" rack monitor
(click on photo to enlarge)


The LCD84 8.4" rack monitor has been projected to visualize and to listen the signals video and audio coming from more sources.

The apparatus is equipped with 6 video inputs and 8 balanced audio stereo inputs, all of them are type loop through; it has besides an 2 watts embedded amplifier, with loudspeakers installed on the frontal panel.
Through a keyboard placed on the frontal panel it is possible to select the inputs:


As you can notice, the channels 5 and 6 have the possibility to select 2 different stereo audio channels, this characteristic was studied to monitor the signals converted by the digital SDI with audio embedded.


lcd84 - 6 inputs 8.4" rack monitor

(click on photo to enlarge)

The audio listening of the LCD84 can happen through the incorporated loudspeakers or through a headphones connectable to the jack socket located on the frontal panel.

Two potentiometris allow the independent regulation of the volume of the loudspeaker and the headphones.

Under to every loudspeaker is positioned a LED's VU-Meter with range from –20 dB to + 3 dB.

Under the 8.4" LCD display there are the buttons that command the video monitor that is endowed with an OSD menu (on screen display).

The video monitor can also be commanded by a remote control furnished in endowment. lcd84 - 6 inputs 8.4" rack monitor

A push-button also allows to select between the video input or the computer input.

On the back panel of the monitor are found the BNC connectors for video inputs and outputs (loop through) and the 3 contacts XLR connectors for audio inputs and outputs (loop through).

The monitor has also an audio balanced output on 5 contacts male XLR for the connection to an external amplifier.

The LCD84 monitor is realized in a 4 units rack 19" metallic container and it can work with PAL and NTSC television standards with automatic identification of the incoming signal.

As all the Elman apparatuses the LCD84 monitor can be personalized for specific applications of the client.


lcd84 - 6 inputs 8.4" rack monitor lcd84 - 6 inputs 8.4" rack monitor lcd84 - 6 inputs 8.4" rack monitor

(click on photos to enlarge)




Level: 1Vpp
Input impedance: 10Kohm


Resolution: 800 X 600 pixel
Medium brightness : 170 cd/m^2
View angle: U/D 30°/60°, L/R 60°/60°
Standard: PAL 4.43, NTSC 3.58
Contrast ratio: 250:1


Coupling: with transformer
Input impedance: 600 ohm


Power: 2W / 8W (with potentiometer on maximum volume and -10dB on input)
T.H.D. + N  @ 1Khz at maximum power: 0.1%
Pass band -3 Db:33 Hz ... 33 Khz
Cross-talk L ->R, R->L @ 10Khz: -60bB


Coupling: with transformer
Output impedance : 33W
Gain: unitary
Max level for T.H.D. = 1%: 7dB
Pass band -3 dB: 30Hz... 30Khz
Cross-talk L ->R, R->L @ 10Khz: -80dB



Voltage:  100V-240V
Consumption @ 220V: 0.150m AC



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.