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7 channels intercom with interrupted feedback


(click on photo to enlarge)


7 channels full/duplex and half/duplex intercom with interrupted feedback and input for external producer.
The intercom has three channels at 2 wires (for cameras) and four channels at 4 wires, to talk for examples,to an external producer, recording rooms, external o.b.van, etc...
Intercom Genius has also a second function, it sends Tally information for 4 videocameras, that are transmitted on 2 wires audio line for the cameramen beltpack terminals (optional).

Goosenek microphone with XLR connector comes supplied with the equipment.


Functions of the commands on the frontal panel:

Front panel connector:

Rear panel connectors:

MENU (Red Keys)
For keys 1-3 the functions can be seen on the upward line of the display.
With key 1 the menu is changed and it can be:


A) Menu "SPEAKER" (selects the users of channels A,B and C)

B) Menu "RETURN"


7 channels intercom

keyboard Talk and Listen

The simple pressure of push-button TALK of the channel immediately puts in communication the chosen user.
Such function is confirmed from the lighting of the correspondent key.
If the loudspeaker of the panel is enabled, and the channel were in situation LISTEN, this will be disable until when it is finished from situation TALK.

Push-button TALK works in two ways:

Pressing push-button LISTEN the chosen channel can be listen. This is confirmed from the lighting of correspondent key.

Push-button LISTEN works in stable way - when is pressed the first time it is enabled and the second time it is disabled (does not import how much is pressed).


When is enabled the microphone and the loudspeaker of the front panel the equipment switches automatically in semi duplex communication mode (does not allow to be activated TALK and LISTEN at the same time).


This function comes used in order to send one return modulation, to whichever of the 7 channels. This modulation comes interrupted whenever is communicated with one of these channels by the pressure of key TALK.

Enable/disable RETURN function:

This function allows to an external director connected channel 4 to speak to the cameramen (connects you to the channel A)

Enable/disable EXTERNAL PRODUCER function:

(click on photo to enlarge)




Microphone Preamplifier (Panel Microphone)

Microphone Preamplifier (Headset Microphone)

Speaker Amplifier (Panel Speaker)

Headphone Amplifier



4 WIRES (Serial-wired)

2 WIRES (Parallel-wired)

Power Supply


7 channels intercom
menu display and keys (from left to right key 1-2-3)



In accordance with constant improvement policy of products, El.Man (Elettronica Mangione) reserves the right to modify without notice and at any time, features and prices of its own apparatus.